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twist 200-E Sommer

Automatika Sommer varstomiems kiemo vartams.



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  • universally suitable for gates opening to the left and right
  • 1- and 2-leaf operations possible as well as mixed operations
    with twist 350 and twist XL*
  • also for gates which open to the outside
  • adjustable brackets (can be screwed or welded as required)
  • microprocessor control board with a range of setting options, such as
    pedestrian door function, automatic closing of gate, adjustable early
    warning time, adjustable functions when obstacle is encountered
    while door is closing (either total or partial gate reversal)
  • interface for TorMinal programming device
  • quick installation and easy electrical connection


  • self-locking without any electrical lock
  • accident prevention with continuous electronically controlled
    force measurement (“DPS – Dynamic Power System”)
  • operator can be engaged and disengaged in any position
    (e.g. in case of power failure)
  • connections for safety facilities such as warning light and
    4-wire light barrier (photo cell), as well as for an external
    consumer (DC 24 V), floating relay output


  • compact design
  • regulated soft run, without power loss
  • smooth operation

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